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Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke

Former US Secret Service Agent, Freelance Protection Agent and Investigator, Forensic Psychology Expert, Personal Protection Instructor, Self-Esteem Mentor, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, College Professor. And, now, Book Author. Oh — I can’t forget — coffee connoisseur, wine lover, and pot bellied pig owner.



Self-defense From A Former Woman International Protection Agent

What would you do if you felt physically or emotionally threatened in some way? Do you trust your ability to escape a dangerous situation without harm?  Would you remain calm and grounded, responding if needed in an appropriate way, or do you fear you’d panic—making a frightening situation worse? In our ever changing world we all need to manage our physical & mental self protection.

The ability to respond to danger and protect yourself both physically and mentally from violence and fear is a valuable life skill. Especially in these times of uncertainty, protest,  and unrest, simply knowing you have the tools to respond in the case of a physical or mental assault can bring peace of mind and boost your self-confidence—even if you never have to use them.

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Become your own protector and acquire some easy to learn mental and physical techniques from a former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent. Build your personal and professional resilience using techniques from the personal protection industry by starting with my guide to physical fitness.

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